동남아시장의 관문인 싱가포르에서

한국식품을 수입, 유통하는 

식품 전문 기업입니다.

현지의 대형 온.오프라인을 통한 유통은 물론

자체 직영 매장을 운영 함로서

고객의 니즈를 상시적으로 파악하여

시장을 선도합니다.

식품 판촉전 등 다양한 형태의 프로모션을 통해
교민시장과 로
시장의 트렌드 형성에 앞장섭니다.


한국의 우수제품을 동남아 시장에 소개하는 일에
사명감을 갖고
 열정으로 임하고 있습니다.


LNC Pte Ltd is a fast-growing trading, consulting and merchandising company that specializes in Korean food related products.

Based in Singapore, LNC provides professional services and technical assistances to a large number of clients.

LNC, established in May 2009, has developed into one of Singapore’s main Korean food related product importers and currently boasts of Korean governmental and other Korean organizational supports. Our services include but not limited to importing Korean food products, distribution and delivery of products, and selling original Korean products at our own branded shops.

  We are a team of professional and experienced specialists who are well-informed about Korea and its products where in we can strive to administer better service and advise to all our esteemed clients. LNC is the proud owner of three recognizable brands, Ok Food, Chan Chan Chan, and Lee Mart, and has an office at Woodlands Loop.

LNC의 역할 & 서비스